It’s 2004 in Milan: seven musicians give birth to Nema Problema, a musical project encompassing many different styles, from Balkan, Klezmer and Arabic music to jazz, rock, Caribbean and classical music. Their selection of pieces, at the same time popular and sophisticated, can be appreciated sitting as well as dancing. The high quality of a refined repertoire, animated by the exuberance of brasses and percussions, makes Nema Problema’s live performances suitable to any type of context; from outdoor performances where they can improvise taking their secrets from the street art to concerts performed on big stages. This is possible thanks to a dual line up: a completely acoustic one that meets the amplified sound of a drum set and electric guitar.

Nema Problema had concerts in festivals, theatres, special events and weddings, all over Italy and Europe: London, Bruxelles, Belgrade, Geneva, Istanbul, Berlin, Nuremberg, Belgrade, Guča, Nis, Glasgow, Edinburg, Lisbon and Porto. During their tour in 2011, at the 51st edition of the Guča Festival in Serbia (the world's most important Balkan music festival) they have been awarded twice with the third place in the competition for international orchestras and the special prize of the audience. For three times they opened the concert for the famous Boban & Marko Markovič Orkestar. In the early months of 2014 it is scheduled the recording of their new album, which is their fourth after L'amo (2012), Tarochia(2010) and C'è un pss nella mm (2008). The line up is formed by Davide Marzagalli (alto saxophone), Simone Maggi (trumpet), Fabio Marconi (guitar and tenor flugelhorn), Camilla Barbarito (voice) Enrico Allorto (tuba), Andrea Imelio (el. bass) and Alberto Pederneschi (drums).

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